Installation of gutter guards

Protect your gutters with Alu-Rex products. Leaves, debris, snow and ice do not enter the gutter, ensuring optimal operation and protection all year round. With their robust aluminum structure, there is no need to replace the product over the seasons, preventing water infiltration.

Gutter clean system, no more traffic jams!

The Alu-Rex Gutter Clean System is a hassle-free solution for your existing gutters as it prevents leaves and debris from entering and clogging the gutters. It prevents overflows, which can cause water infiltration to your home and its foundations.

Equipped with a 40-year anti-clogging warranty, they will not clog up and will effectively protect your gutters, thereby protecting your home.

Gutter installation

Prevents water infiltration

The Gutter Clean System is weatherproof. It does not rust, crack, flake or distort. Thanks to its robust aluminium design, it is resistant to the weight of snow and ice.

A blocked gutter fills with water very quickly. The water will also go to your flower beds and foundations, creating damage to your home and filling your gutter with winter, snow and ice. Thanks to the Gutter Clean System, the gutters remain functional in both summer and winter.

Gutter installation

The t-rex continuous hook for maximum protection

T-Rex is a continuous fastening system designed for new gutters that prevents ice from penetrating inside the gutter and helps to drain water. It attaches your gutters securely to your home, making them much stronger and more durable than those attached with nails or spaced hooks.

This system prevents the gutters from warping under the weight of a ladder or ice pack. And since it prevents snow from entering, it increases the life of the gutters by preventing damage caused by the alternating freeze-thaw effect and the weight of the snow.


No other product offers this type of guarantee!

The T-Rex continuous hook comes with a lifetime warranty on strength and material defects. In addition, the T- Re x also comes with a 40-year anti-obstruction warranty.

You are therefore sure that your gutter will not clog up and will be more welded and durable.

Our gutter guards prevent water infiltration problems.

Gutter installation

In addition to gutter guards, we also install rainwater collection barrels.

We install gutter guards on different types of buildings:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Public institutions

Based in Trois-Rivières, Gouttières Le Petit Québec has the skills and technical expertise to install your gutter guard.

We can travel throughout the Mauricie region and its surroundings.

Gutter installation

Our gutter guards specialists are at your service in louiseville or bécancour.