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Located in Trois-Rivières, Gouttières le Petit Québec handles all gutter installations throughout the Mauricie region.

High quality gutter installation

You can count on us for all your gutter work. Additionally, we can install top quality aluminium gutters that have an excellent corrosion resistance.

Our mobile workshop allows us to manufacture, seamless gutters of any length on site or at your home. We provide gutters of specific colours, but you can also choose the one you like.

For the manufacture of gutters, we have a machine that produces a mould of the K model.

Our gutters are corrosion resistant.


High quality gutter installation

Our services :

  • Installation, repair, replacement and cleaning of residential, commercial and industrial gutters
  • Sale of 5'' and 6'' gutters
  • Sale of gutter parts and accessories (Alurex gutter protectors, sheet guards, etc.)
  • Installation of seamless aluminum and steel gutters
  • Sale of rain barrels

Our guarantees :

  • Quality gutters
  • Reliable services
  • Impeccable finish

Zone :

We travel in the Mauricie (Trois-Rivières, Louiseville...) and Central Quebec (Bécancour...) regions.

A strong experience in gutter installation

Since 1981, we have worked on various projects in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. We make sure that the installations are impeccable to avoid any risk of infiltration.

The quality of the services provided has allowed us to acquire an excellent reputation in the Mauricie (Trois-Rivières, Louiseville...) and central Quebec (Bécancour...) regions. We also provide gutter cleaning.

Installation that meets building standards


A strong experience in gutter installation


When it comes to next-gen gutter guards, the continuous DoublePro® hanger is especially effective. The unique action of the offset holes in the double membrane of industrial-grade aluminum prevents debris as fine as pine needles from obstructing the gutter while allowing rainwater to pass through. It also acts as structural support for the gutter across its entire length.

Its 360° lifetime warranty covering material and clogs, even in pine areas, gives you unparalleled peace of mind.

Installation de gouttières Trois-Rivières
Louiseville, Installation de protège-gouttière Bécancour


T-Rex is a continuous fastening system designed for new gutters that prevents ice from penetrating inside the gutter and helps to drain water. It attaches your gutters securely to your home, making them stronger and more durable than those attached with nails or spaced hooks. Their lifespan is, therefore, increased.

This system prevents the gutters from warping under the weight of a ladder or ice pack. And since it prevents snow from entering, it increases the life of the gutters by preventing damage caused by the alternating freeze-thaw effect and the weight of the snow.

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We distinguish ourselves by the reliability of our services.

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